Monday, July 24, 2006


The file cabinets at work are my domain. There are 30-some of them and they line a hallway where I spend a lot of my time. Which makes sense, seeing as I'm a file clerk.

Last week after a loud metallic crash and maniacal giggling from this hallway, it was suggested that I send an email to the group. I felt a little dumb having to do this, so I tried to make myself feel better using humor.

"Subject: A friendly word of advice

The new copier in the File Cabinet hallway has become very popular since its installation. And the slide-out shelf of the file cabinet next to the copier is also being heavily used. However, due to a severe sticking problem, the stops on this shelf needed to be removed and the shelf now has the capability of sliding gracefully and completely out of the cabinet and onto your foot.

So, please remember this and use all appropriate cautions when using said shelf.

Thank you,

Today, I received this email:

"As a result of your e-mail warning staff of the file cabinet's problem, you have been awarded a WOW Award on Safety. Keep up the good work."

My company gives WOW awards out as "Nice Work Recognition" and this is the second one I've received (the first was for all that front desk duty.) I now get to go to the company website and choose a $50 gift certificate from a selection of stores (unfortunately, no yarn stores on the list.)

Something that also happened today? I forgot my own warning and pulled the shelf from the cabinet, whereupon it slid completely and gracefully to the floor. Seeing as it missed my feet and no one was around to witness it (and I was able to cushion it enough to avoid the large metallic clang, thereby eliminating aural witnesses) I am choosing to pretend this didn't happen.

These are the kinds of things that are going to make it hard to leave this place when I'm done with school (the award, not the clanging stupidity.) Employee recognition and appreciation are sorely missing from the present job market and I actually LIKE the people I'm working with. I'm not sure how to handle it, especially after that last place (not Sarah. The other place. The evil place.)

And in completely unrelated news: this sign confuses me every time I pass it.

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I need some grammatical clarification, people! Are only huge trees on sale? Is this why the sign's been up for 6 months, because nobody needs huge trees? Maybe a better sign would help business, negating the need for this huge sale. On huge trees. Or something.

Also unrelated, but funny:

Steriogram's Walkie Talkie Man video. Link via My Ugly Sweater who does a better job then I could explaining it. Rock 'n roll knitting, New Zealand style.

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Heather said...

Pam, this could only happen to you. Brian thought it was pretty funny, too. Do you work for the city?

I know that sign!