Thursday, July 27, 2006

How was your day, dear?

First, there was the quick trip to the airport. Well, it would have been quick if I hadn't managed to get behind every yay-hoo who thought traveling 3.5 miles under the speed limit would be a good idea.

Then there was the normal errand-type errands; post office, ATM, grocery store. All made just that more difficult/annoying by the excessive heat and unusual-for-AZ humidity.

That was followed closely by a trip to the hair dresser, necessitated by the ill-advised trim of the bangs I had participated in prior to the airport run.

After that I indexed a web site and cursed at the computer for a bit. If the box says 'save as html file' and I say yes, shouldn't it ... maybe ... I don't know ... save it as an html file (as opposed to some type of ^&*#* mystery file the &*^& computer was unable to ^&*^#% read)?

Next, I went to the used bookstore to sell a big ol' bag of books. A big ol' bag of books of which they took exactly 3.

And then everything got all better. Why? Because I got the spend the evening listening to this funny lady.

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Stephanie, the Yarn Harlot spoke and signed at the Fiber Factory and it was well worth the rest of the day. I sat and knit on the shawl-that-refuses-to-grow and laughed, surrounded by fellow knitters, SnBAZ members, old friends I hadn't seen in too long and lots of yarn. A perfect end to a very so-so day.

Lucy, meanwhile, stayed home and tried to harness the power of her mind and will kibble into the bowl. It didn't work, so she ate the leftovers from my lunch bag instead.

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(Many, many pictures were taken, but not by me. I'll link around once they arrive online.)


Stephanie said...

your shawl that will not grow is looking wonderful :) and just remember, lace grows when blocked! LOL

I'll try to get my harlot photos up today - I sadly didn't get a photo of her and the sock. I was too slow with the camera. *sigh*

photogmichelle said...

wow it looks like you were up close, how cool. I'm so bummed I missed it.

Paula said...

I thought about going, but I'm pretty much a homebody on weeknights. Plus I'm still getting over a semi-loathsome yet persistent virus. (2.5 weeks now!) Glad you had fun.