Thursday, July 27, 2006

WIPs and Links

A sampling of my works in progress.

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The bottom is the shawl-that-refuses-to-grow, with orange lifeline thanks to the timely reminder from Stephanie.

At the top are pieces of a felted sweater that need to be transformed into a purse for my sister. I have a clear picture in my head of the bag part, but I'm having trouble visualizing the sleeves turning into a handle.

The backdrop? The stripy, stripy, oh-so-stripy backdrop? That's the SWTC Karaoke blanket test knit (crochet). About another foot to go, then an edging and I'll be able to hand it off. And the rejoicing will begin.

Stephanie, aka: the Yarn Harlot, aka: the #1 Google hit for Harlot, posted about her trip. If you look closely at the audience photo (with sock) I am smack-dab in the middle. I'm the one between Heather (on my right) and Nancy (on my left). Did that clear it up for you?

I'm also in the SnBAZ group shot, but thankfully not as prominently.

Stephanie and Heather have both posted their pictures and stories of the evening, go check them out.


Kari said...

I linked over from yarn harlot. All of the knitting looks very nice. That's cool you are going to make a purse out of the felted sweater.
And from the previous post, cute picture of your dog!! :-)

Kari said...

I forgot to say I see you are using a counter (the red thing on the circular needle). I use those all the time and absoulely love them.

Ashley said...

You're famous!!!!