Sunday, July 16, 2006


Remember the pink LB Suede that wanted to be a hat but wouldn't tell me what type of hat?

It finally whispered in my ear: a 2x2 ribbed watch cap. It sounded so positive about its choice. It even gave me the number of stitches to cast on and what size needle to use.

It lied.

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Sarah said...


Better luck next time.

Vera said...

I've had such bad luck with that yarn.

Lisa said...

Not all is lost! Turn it upside down, run a drawstring through the edge, POOF! instant purse!

Creative Genius? said...

Sorry Pam - on vacation but got your email (can't seem to reply on yahoo now)... so write up the pattern and send it in - FTLOY would love it and it goes with the theme of the next issue!

You're the best!