Monday, September 25, 2006

Ack! Books!

So I'm definitely feeling better but this weird thing happened where life kept going on even though I was asleep for a week. Must. Play. Catch-up. (and the real life stuff comes before blogging, sorry.)

I did manage to read a bit since last we spoke in depth (ha! humor by reverse hyperbole!)

60. A Monstrous Regiment of Women - Laurie King
61. A Letter of Mary - Laurie King
62. The Moor - Laurie King
63. O Jerusalem - Laurie King
64. Justice Hall - Laurie King

Anyone sensing a theme?

I'm almost done with the Mary Russell / Sherlock Holmes books, just one more to go. The problem is, it seems to refer to Kipling's Kim a lot (at least in the first chapter) and since that's a book I'm not familiar with I feel like I should read it first. Of course, I thought I should re-read Hound of the Baskervilles before tackling The Moor and I didn't really need to. Turns out I should have been tracking down some Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould. Oh well, next time. Assuming I ever figure out who the hell he was.

I also managed to find another Holmes related book in my collection, but after that I think I will officially be done with the Holmes kick. Unless I find more; anything is possible given the organizational status of by bookshelves.

I did manage to read a few other things too:
65. Salem Falls - Jodi Picoult. I think I've reached my Picoult limit. I like her books but there's only so many time you can read about people being unjustly accused. Did nothing wrong, went to jail anyway, it sucks. Got it. Moving on.

66. Citizen Girl - Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus. The same two who wrote The Nanny Diaries which I didn't like that much. I didn't like this one even more. I think I was just impressed the Chandler Library had it.

I was even more impress that the Chandler Library had BitchFest which is what I'm reading now. I went to the library and got Kim and saw it while dashing out the door (work-related shindig to get to on the other side of town. There were ribs. And fireworks.) (and it was about 2 miles from where I first lived when I moved to the valley. Traumatic bad relationship flashbacks aplenty.) (Stupid brain.)

To sum up - feeling better, very behind, have a spare dog for the weekend, drunken co-workers and lots of books.

Oh, and I passed my 6 year anniversary while being lethargic and loggy as a treatment side effect. Stupid cancer. Stay lost.


SheCrochets said...

I had never read Kim either and managed okay in The Game w/o it. She fills you in on enough details to get you through. Of course, if I was a good book nerd, I would have read Kim and been glad for the introduction to a new book/author.... sometimes I am just lazy!

Deneen said...

Congrats on passing the six year anniversary!

eva said...

Yay! Happy 6 years free. And many more!