Friday, September 29, 2006

1000 words worth of FO

A few thousand words because I can't take a picture for crap right now.

Kiki's birthday was the same night as the Stitch 'n Pitch (which was tres cool by the way. You should have gone). We did get to see her later that night and she received a lovely handmade IOU from me. Because, damn, does knitting take longer than crochet. In crochet world I could have finished in a week tops, probably much less. In bizzaro knitting world it took 3 times that. Which, if your calculations were correct, means that she got her present 2 weeks late.

Here is a very bad picture of the Random Lace scarf.

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Yarn: Noro Lily (silk/cotton)in burgundy (not that weird purple in the pic). 2 skeins.
Needles-size 9 bamboo
Pattern: Kiki's own Random Lace.

And once Steve takes a better picture of the scarf (hint, hint), I'll link to it.

If you are scared of lace I highly recommend trying the Random Lace concept. It's basically impossible to f-up and also fun so you can't lose.

I also finished spinning and plying the red wool and started some blue. Apparently I'm a patriotic spinner. The red seems destined for wrist cuffs/warmers. Maybe cabled.

Birthday season has started in full force. Jess, Lucy(the human) and Kiki went first but soon we have Illanna, then my dad, (me), my sister, Nancy and Mel in short succession. Let the birthday knitting commence. To be followed rapidly by the Christmas knitting. Oy.

ETA: I forgot a few. Stephanie, Tony, Forrest, my cousin (witht he well-fitting hat), that guy in my senior physics class who's is the day after mine, Simon LeBon, Hillary Clinton and Theodore Roosevelt. And there are probably more.

Right now I have a few ideas, a half finished *deleted by birthday censor* for Dad and part of a heart that has nothing to do with birthdays and everything to do with a certain knitter's fiancee and the CPR class he teaches.

Speaking of teaching, how's school you ask? Let me just say if you ever need an environmental scan or a strategic plan...please don't ask me. I might cry.

This weekend I had some canine company, but Murphy didn't really want to be here. You could tell his back was really up against the wall.

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He eventually got over it and he and Lu spent the weekend perfecting their synchronized sleeping routine.

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Mel said...

Hey, I just noticed that the spot patterns on the dogs back are similar yet reversed. They were meant to be friends.

eva said...

Yay Random Lace, and birthdays, and half done hearts! Dang if the bad picture looks that good, I can't wait to see the "good" picture. I have to make some random lace... or get back to my other lace project that is in time out.

p.s. my blog moved a bit,, in case you were wondering why I haven't been posting. :)

Luscious Gracious said...

I don't want to make you cry, Pam, but I totally, totally, and thoroughly NEED a strategic plan. Please. Wait til you see my table, the results of "Yarn Organization" gone awry. I am scared.