Monday, December 18, 2006

Can you believe this happy horsesh...

A bit of self-censorship for the delicate-types in the audience.

Point is, I'm sick again. Again! Sick! Oh, the humanity of it all.

I had to leave my field placement at the hospital early on friday because I kept sneezing and had a runny nose. Drove home, got zinc lozenges and took a nap.

I've been scarfing down the zinc and flushing my head with the neti pot but I still feel crappy.

You know it's bad when you wake up a 1 am because your teeth hurt from sinus pressure.

A side note: using the neti pot makes me glad I live alone. It's effective but kinda gross.

On a non-horse poo topic or two:

I am actually fibering it up a bit - scarf for Mom, scarf for aunt, thingy for Pat from some of my handspun. But nothing's a a photograph-able stage.

I also need to thank Lily for for my totally cool Holiday exchange gifts. Wicked cool green, stripey armwarmers, the new Domiknitrix book and some truely awesome olive green thick and thin handspun. (Some day I'll take pics, really). Thank you so much Lily! I definitely got the iPod.


Deneen said...

Oh sheesh, I hope this time it goes away quickly. I heard good things about the Neti pot method.

Sarah said...

I hope you feel better soon!!!

Stephanie said...

oh no!
neti pot = good - stuff that comes out, definitely yuck, but hey, anything to get rid of the sinus pressure...and even better if it's drug free :)
Hope you feel better soon!