Friday, December 15, 2006

Maybe I'm Carnak

Weird, and kinda spooky.

I had a dream last night. In it, I had a cat. What I didn't relize was that I actually had two cats who were never in the room at the same time.

Next thing I know, little things are running around the room. I think it's mice. Nope, kittens. Really small, over-active kittens.

I somehow kept acquiring more cats, including one with weird fur that looked like a nubby carpet and had flecks of red and blue in it. This cat was rather plump and liked to sit next to me.

Later, a cat appeared wearing a fair isle sweater. I named the cat Fair Isle, as you do when a cat shows up in a sweater. It was a very tight sweater and the cat looked very sausage-like and huge. It liked to sit next to me and look constricted.

It took an embarrassingly long time to realize the sweater-wearing cat was the plump cat from two paragraphs ago. Sweaters just aren't slimming on cats.

Later there were more cats, a few dogs, a bulldog that had the coloring of I Love Lucy, possibly a bird and the weird neighbors, all in the rec room.

Then I woke up.

(Take-home dream message: One cat, actually two cats, baby cats.)
(Lesser take-home message: cats don't need sweaters.)

Later today, this headline appears on the Yahoo homepage:

World's first cloned cat has kittens

So, do you think I'm channeling Yahoo news or just historical cat-related events?

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