Saturday, February 17, 2007

Doggie Drawers

Previously: Lucy figured out how to open kitchen drawers, defeat baby locks, conquer packing tape and demolish most types of food packaging.

This was taken the day after the kitchen reorganization.

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Obviously, she's still hoping to find some snacky treasures.

The next day, I found this.

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Still looking for snacks but she's also mastered the opening of swinging doors and the sliding of 10 pound containers of dog food. I assumed the fact that the container had landed at an angle incompatible with food extraction was predictive of unsuccessful future attempts.

I was wrong.

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The next day, container all the way out of the cabinet and partially opened. Sliding drawer closed. Lucy learned from the past and dined well this evening. She has offically adapted.

The dog food is now in the bathroom, the canned goods are under the counter and anything that has an odor or is openable by teeth is above the counter. Or on top of the fridge. Or in the microwave. I'm never going to find anything ever again.

What's that saying about old dogs and new tricks? And who do I contact to demand a retraction?


Sarah HB said...

That Lucy is a crafty girl!

Good luck finding everything.

Megan said...

Sometime I should tell you the story of my friend's dog Comet, the cans of cat food in the back seat of the Toyota Matrix, the ineffective barrier between the back seat and the trunk area where the dog was supposed to be, and the BUSTED look Comet gave my friend after hockey practice when she caught him with the one remaining can hanging off of his lower left canine tooth...

Felicia said...

LOL! They do figure things out don't they? Especially when it comes to food! My darling dog is always quick to make a bee line for any food left out as soon as we leave the house. Once, he thought we had gone and started on a pack of crackers. He was busted that time!

Jewels said...

omg, too funny. Haven't you learned yet Pam - what Lucy wants, Lucy gets!!