Tuesday, February 13, 2007

February Books

(I do still play with yarn, honest.)

11. Bait and Switch - Barbara Ehrenreich. Like Nickled and Dimed, except with white collar job searching. I'm just glad I'm not looking for a job in business or marketing.

12. The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir - Bill Bryson. I love Bryson and this was really funny.

13. Bloodsucking Fiends: a Love Story - Christopher Moore. Read in preperation for the next one. Hysterical.

14. You Suck: A Love Story - Christopher Moore. His latest and the reason he was speaking at Changing Hands. Not surprisingly, it was really funny. Picture and details of his talk can be seen here. It was a wonderful evening and I'm glad I got to share it with Melanie, Nancy and Janene. And according to Christopher Moore's signage in my book, I don't suck.

15. To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee. February's book club. I hosted but we went to Coffee Rush because my house looks like dingos tried to eat it but just got sick everywhere instead. It's quite messy. The book, however is great. And it has been banned, which is why it was on my selection list.

And You Suck had a blatent Mockingbird reference in it, so my reading was all inter-connected and stuff.

16. Wickett's Remedy - Myla Goldberg. This is the second one from the author of Bee Season, which was really good (spelling bees, not bzzzy bees). The style took some getting used to because she had extraneous characters speaking in the margins, like oddly placed footnotes. The story was interesting, all about the Spanish Influenza in Boston.

17. The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror - Christopher Moore. I've read this one before but it remained just as funny. The IKEA stuff didn't resenate as strongly this time, probalby because the people around here have stopped obsessing about it. And yes, I'm offically on a Christopher Moore jag, so expect many more of his books to show up here.

Also, You Suck features a huge, shaved cat in a sweater. While slighly reminicent of my dream, mostly it's just f-ing funny. Go read it.

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Deneen said...

Christopher Moore's books always make me laugh-that is so important in a book-they are great pick me up's