Monday, August 20, 2007

Just Call Me Hermione

All I've been doing is reading and making hats. Seriously. Read, read, read. Rib, rib, rib. Just like Hermione, except no

The reading has all been Potter-related. I finished 4 and 5, halfway through 6. In about 900 pages I'll be able to read something else.

The hats...there's a story behind them and why they keep multiplying but it will have to wait until I'm done. Three down, 95% of the fourth to go. And yes, in the last post I said it was three total, now it's four. All part of the story.

2x2 rib and size 5 needles. I could use a time-turner my-own-damn-self.

In other news:

Nancy is walking to fight birth defects and is gladly accepting all donations (and there are prizes.

Illanna had left the sunny land of AZ [and all of us :-( ] for the more wool-friendly land of New York.

Mel finished her granny granny square blanket and is delivering it now. It looks great.

Lots of other people are moving, but I'll let them tell you about it.

I'm sitting (under) Murphy and he and Lu are studiously ignoring each other except for the 30 seconds immediately following my exit from bed. Then it's all bouncing and leaping and hiding behind me. Well, one dog is doing the first two and the other is doing the last. Any guess as to which is which? (Hint: Lucy isn't a morning dog.)

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Sarah HB said... glad to see you post!

I gotta go donate to Nancy.

Hope the reading is good.