Wednesday, August 08, 2007

WIP Wednesday

I've completed nothing and yet I've been doing stuff. Weird how that happens.

Works in Progress

Baltic Sea Stole-Take 2

Got to pattern row 11, found a dropped stitch/weird yarn-over/uncorrectable odd thing and ripped back to the lifeline at row 4. Let no one tell you Bamboo is not slippery.


One down (a little too small), one in process (should be the right size for an adult), one to go (smaller than the first two.) Once you get in the zone, 2x2 ribbing is relaxing. Until you get to that zone, 2x2 ribbing is annoying. And let no one tell you that Wildflower DK is not splitty while knitting. Crochet - no problem. Knitting - an exercise in re-doing stitches.

Black Ripple Shawl

It exists. It's slightly longer than before. 'nuff said.

The Great Harry Potter Re-Read

Finished 1,2 and 3. Halfway through 4. I'll count 1 and 2 in my Book Total since they're new this year.

67. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - JK Rowling
68. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - JK Rowling

The Imaginary Cape for my Aunt

A pattern has been selected. Yarn has not yet been purchased. I'm not getting involved in that process - too many variable with cost, color, texture and so forth. Once she decides, buys the yarn and gets it to me, construction will begin. I'm not holding my breath.

De-Cluttering the House

Oh aren't you so cute for asking. Hey, look over there - a pixie! Or some other attention-diverting device!


I left work tonight in dire need of a hug. Not a friend hug or a mom hug, but one of those guy-you-love-who's-waiting-at-home-for-you-and-maybe-he-even-made-dinner hugs. 90% of the time I'm ok with being single. Today fell into that other 10%.


Sarah HB said...

Thanks for the update!

Sorry about the hug......I hope you are doing better.

Deneen said...

Quite an update.

Some days, I wish I was single and others I am okay where I am. It's funny because I don't think there is ever a perfect place.

Mel said...

Ten percent is a good place to be. Not obsessing but still looking at the possibilities. Bark Park re-opens next week, so we can look for eligible bachelors again :-)

noricum said...

*hugs* I know that's not the kind of hug you wanted, but that's the only kind I can send. I miss guy hugs too.