Saturday, July 28, 2007

Scarfity Scarf Scarf

Some more FOs have been ... F'ed. That doesn't sound right.

Anyway, prepare yourself for a plethora of neck ware.

Mom's Baltic Sea Stole Take 1

A better picture this time, taken on the avacado Danish Modern armchair that's been in the family as long as I have. There's a matching couch on the other side of the room.

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Take 2 is starting today. Same pattern, different yarn - SWTC Bamboo in a variegated green/silver/brown kind of shade. It's DK weight and I have enough of it to actually follow the pattern this time.

A scarf for Bernice

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No reason except Bernice likes bling (She said so herself. In those words. I love Bernice.) It was done lenghtwise with Paton's Allure in black and some fuzzy silvery SWTC yarn that has apparently been discontinued since I can't find its name on their site.

A shawl for my sister

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Once again, no specific reason except my Mom thought Pat needed a shawl and I always listen to my mama.

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Done in the Official Patty Stitch, otherwise known as the drop stitch. Her birthday present used the same stitch.

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Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair in Tundra. This was the yarn I got in PA at the odd lots store for $2 a ball. 3 skeins = $6 shawl. A far cry from Mom's $42 one. And a heck of a lot quicker.

Next Os to get F'ed: Baltic Sea Stole Take 2 and a hat. And the black beaded shawl. And some other's that I'm blanking on right now. There's a lot of them and not all are shawls if you can wrap your mind around that concept.

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Deneen said...

Nice FO's-I bought the Moonlight Mohair when it was $8 a ball and made my mom a shawl, I think I needed 6 balls of it or something-nice to get such a deal on it!