Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nice to see you. Now go away.

Not forever or anything. This is just a very linky post. True tales of adventure, suspense, happy endings, crabs and dog cheesecake. And a little bit about my boobs.

1. Lolly and Kris just got safely back from an amazing vacation, complete with a little earth-shaking drama. Check out her beautiful words and pictures about Lima, the Amazon, and Cusco and her firsthand experience with a 8.0 earthquake on the last day of the trip. Scary and heartwarming at the same time.

2. It looks like Allison is finally getting some good (nay, great!) news. After a protracted battle with insurance companies, doctors and an unfeeling universe, her son Evan had his surgery today and it looks like it was successful. Evan has (or maybe it's had now) hypothalamic hamartoma, a brain tumor that was causing him to have dozens of seizures a day. But now that the tumor has been mostly removed and he has a "happy brain" he can just be a typical little boy which is incredible.

In less dramatic news (but still in the "Yay!" category)

3. Lady Linoleum is now selling a new pattern for what is possibly the world's cutest crab. Check it out.

4. My sister had a couple of big things happening right now. She is currently (or thereabouts) on a bus for the Eat Well Guided Tour of America. She's not on for the whole tour, but will be representing her group for a few legs. A road trip and pie...what more can you ask for.

In addition, a few weeks ago FWW rolled out an interactive map that can show you how many factory farms are in your state / town / general vicinity (Hint: less is more in this case.) Patty worked extremely hard on this and it shows, I'm proud of my little sis. In slightly related news, she may be three years younger and have bigger boobs, but at least I'm currently surrounded by a lot less pig poop than she is.

5. I got my Ravelry invite last week. I've done very little so far (I really need to get a Flickr account) but if anyone's interested my user name is hiphipcrochet. [of course I'm having issues logging in right now but hopefully that will resolve soon].

6. I boob-matized someone at work yesterday. A first for me, my boobs don't usually attract much attention but apparently the new shirt is workin' it. It was exciting and creepy at the same time. I feel bad for the gals who are boob-matizing ever day.

7. I spent much of the past weekend reading in bed (I have a bad habit of cluttering all available seating options with stuff, usually books. It was easier to relocate than to clean.) Point being, I had company:

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If he wasn't striking a pose, he was doing this:

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8. Lucy was getting a bit bored with Murphy's camera-hogging efforts:

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And apropos of absolutely nothing...

9. Someone is just asking for their giraffe to be towed*:

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*that's a No Parking sign in the background. I could get a clearer shot of the sign or the entirety of the giraffe's head. I knew y'all would be able to get the idea, you're smart.

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