Sunday, September 23, 2007

What's the Haps?

Yes, I know I disappeared for almost a month. Yes, I know I left you dangling on my current readings and knitting progress. Yes, I know I promised to post more (that may have just been an internal promise...)

But all that is immaterial. Really. Trust me. I mean it's not like anything really important happened or anything.

Except for the fact my rent went up $300 because I had to go month-to-month due to the job search.

And the fact that my part-time file clerk/organizing guru income was suddenly less than my monthly out-go.

And the fact that the job search was not blossoming forth in job offers or even interviews.

Add those three things together and what do you get? Me. Moving back to Pennsylvania. To live in my parent's basement.

This wasn't exactly how I was planning my cross-country move. I was kind of thinking there would be a job and a place of independent living on the other end of it. But it's not working out that way and my parents are very generous and are flying out here to help me drive my dog and belongings across this great nation of ours. All the while avoiding East Texas because my dad drove through it once and vowed to never do so again. Luckily, there are alternate routes so we won't have to drive into the Grand Canyon while avoiding the Lone Star state and being chased by Harvey Keitel.

I leave in a little under a month. Right now my house is in shambles and I fear I may need to annex the front yard to find room to fill boxes.

In the last two weeks I've sold or donated over 100 books, over 50 cds and a car-trunk full of clothing. I'm not quite sure how I came to accumulate so much stuff but I'm looking at this as a good way to winnow my critical mass downward.

So things have been happening and the blog once again fell to the bottom of the to-do list. I'm going to play some catch up and then I promise (externally this time) to try and be more vigilant about posting in the future.


Anne in AZ said...

Hang in there kid. When I got my MLS in 19(coughcoughcough) it took me months to find a job. And I was good, darn good. And come to think of it, I still am.

But, oh, the agony of moving back in with my folks! They were lovely people and wanted very much for me to succeed. So I accepted their love and a few months later my current job was offered and accepted and for some reason I've been here for 20 years now.

Hang in there. Throughout it all, I had my crocheting. Go out there and hook yerself a world!

Deneen said...

Pam, it could be worse, really-take a little time, get on your feet and I swear it'll all work out.

I may even get a chance to meet ya sometime now-

noricum said...

Welcome to basement living! Need any tips? I'm in my second year now... :P (My parents have set an expiry date of next June. Life gets exciting then.)