Wednesday, January 02, 2008

At the Dog Wash...

...sing it with me now...working at the dog wash, yeah.

Lucy was invited to Aunt M's place for Christmas dinner (the rest of us were invited too, but Lucy was named specifically.) Since Lucy was to be the first dog EVER to be inside Aunt M's home, we decide a sprucing-up was in order and off we went. To the Dog Wash (yeah).

Lucy at the Dog Wash

That's the name of the place, seriously. It's connected to (and the controls look like) a car wash: rinse, shampoo, conditioner and, of course, deskunking. I would have taken more pictures but it took both of us to contain Lu. She's not real big on the bathing...

Then on Christmas morn she got the all important Christmas Bow and off we went.

Lucy's Christmas Bow

After all the preparation, it was anticlimactic. Well, except for the death defying tray of salad dressings. And the death defying tray of glass crab imperial holders. And the thrice-steamed broccoli. But that was all more Aunt M than Lucy. Lucy did fine.

Possibly because she was dreaming of her new bed, a present from the grandparents.

Lucy's New Bed

Add in a bag of dog treats from Aunt Pat and all was right with the world. Of course, Lucy is lucky Santa decided to show up at all, considering she had spent the previous few days knocking large objects to the floor and chewing through felt every time we left the house. For a dog who gets fed twice a day, she sure is a motivated little treat finder.

And finally:

Shopping Bag

The first FO of 2008 - a shopping bag for my Mom. Shown holding your typical load of groceries - bananas and a Stephen King doorstop. Ok, maybe it's more MY typical load of groceries.

Yarn - Sugar and Cream Naturals in Earth Ombre.
Hook - H
Pattern - the base is a circle of 4 rows of double crochet, the mesh is chains of 7 and the top and handles are single crochet. Other than that, there's no real pattern.

Once Mom reports on the lugging capacity and the stretch factor I see many more of these in my future.


Sara said...

awesome bag! Lucy looks lovely in her X-mas bow.

Mel said...

Cool bag! I smell published pattern?

Lucy looks b-you-tiful in her bow. I like how in one picture she has spots and in the next she has none (from the angle she looks spotless, literally and figuratively).

SheCrochets said...

Neat bag! I have been meaning to make something like that for awhile. Do you find that it stretches?

Lucy looks adorable. :-)

ladylinoleum said...

Lucy cleaned up very nicely...uh, both in pressies as well as grooming!

Jewels said...

Aw Lucy, you beautiful babe (Curly-Earl's words), your face has such a big smile in the bath! Great Christmas prezzies, the bed looks so soft.
Nice to see your crochet bag, looks handy.
Happy new year to you both.