Thursday, June 16, 2005

For Quality Assurance This Post May be Recorded

I'm multi-tasking. As I write this post, I'm also recording the screens to make a multimedia presentation. Except I don't really have to present it... School is fun.

Last night I got to meet Nancy and the rest of the gang. I ended up staying out a lot later than I thought I would. Coffee Rush doesn't close until midnight, so we can't use the staff subtly edging us out to know we been knitting for 2 hours. We actually have to look at a watch and that just doesn't happen.

I remembered to bring my camera, but as I tried to take pix, the battery died. So no love. Remember the gorgeous and divineness you pictured for Tuesday night? It was just like that but with Nancy's divineness added to. And we were at a different table.

I worked on a scarf but it wasn't cooperating (too stiff) so I left with only a few more rows than when I got there. Hopefully I'll finish it tonight.

Yes, Mozambique is in Africa, but way southern Africa so it's winter there and there are mountains. So winter clothes are needed.

And finally, a picture of Lu so I can record that process as well. Here she is sucking up all the coolness from the tile.

Image hosted by

And another bird tried to divebomb my head as I came home. Or possibly the same bird as before. Either way, it's rather annoying.


noricum said...

Sounds like you have a nest nearby.

Mel said...

Did you used to work in a pet store or something? It may be time to leave an offering to the bird gods...

ladylinoleum said...

Hey Pam! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Having birdie trouble??? I have lots of that because I live with 9 of 'em...

Adding you to my bloglines so I can blogstalk ya!

Rebecca said...

a kamikaze bird went after my dad like that and actually knocked his baseball cap off!

love your lu!

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

that picture is too cute for words!