Monday, October 16, 2006

Shut up, you were just making out with a turkey leg

I love the State Fair. Relish traps abounded, the music was awesome again, the City of Phoenix decided opening weekend was the best time to start road repairs on all major highways leading downtown and you get to overhear kick-ass non sequiturs like the one above.

Fried Coke is shaped like a banana, is white and foamy inside, and squirts when you bite it. From my (carefully distant) observations, it looks like a really bad fried porno.

I am the proud owner (renter) of a clean, damp carpet and a clean, dry dog with really short hair.

My boobs are no longer hurting (much). Not pregnant, just pre-menstrual. Every month my body pulls a new symptom out of my uterus. This month it was boobs, last month it was starvation and next month will probably be extreme pissy-ness.

I started decorating my cube for Halloween.

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Yarn - The same stuff from the pumpkin hat and leftovers from the headscarf prototype from long ago. And some black stuff.
Pattern - no


Deneen said...

Cute as heck-yes!

illanna said...

I agree with deneen's comment about your pumpkin. Maybe next month you will have a positive symptom, like wanting to weave in ends or the craving for self striping yarn!

Sarah said...

Lovely pumpkin.

Pattern, no?? Good for you.

noricum said...

Awesome pumpkin! (People can make their own damn patterns! ;) )

Very funny post. :)

Mel said...

Check out this song I just heard about going to the fair. It's very funny.

Stephanie said...

that pumpkin is fantastic :D

Luscious Gracious said...

Are the pumpkin's teeth modeled after someone you know? Someone who lives in a kerosene heated shed with a hound dog?
Also, I am so glad that you observed the State Fair Fried Coke. I gotta get me some of,

YarnB said...

I have HORRIBLE PMS but I just found these chinese herbs that helped. WE'LL SEE if they work next month though!!

Trish said...

That's an awesome pumpkin! Love your site.